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A debonair personification of international diplomacy, Mumbai MUN has been a conduit, transcending academia into pertinent leadership. An assorted collection of UN committees to pursue, it proffers an engaging opportunity for delegates vying for meaningful deliberation. Mumbai MUN is back again, with its seventh installment in 2018 as a three day conference on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of February.

The theme of this year's edition is Paradox of Progress. While we see abundant progress in various starata of society around the world, we also are witness to some of the negative side effects of this ambitious climb in status. As diplomats, one must recognise the balance between progress and mitigating some of it's deterring aftermath, or else, the whole point of progress can get marred. So join us at Mumbai MUN 2018, analyse the paradoxical nature of progess as we see today, and contribute to breaking this viscous cycle!

Since its inception in 2012, it took dedicated planning, research and hard work to make the very first edition of Mumbai MUN in 2012 a colossal success. The conference is an expedient platform to debate pressing global issues; to take on new perspectives; and build strong networks; turning passion into outcome. There lies an opportunity of interacting with hundreds of highly motivated students from diverse backgrounds for the 3-day summit along with its alluring features. Mumbai MUN, the unique and culturally stimulating conference, promises to etch an unparalleled memory in your mind, daring you to come back for more!


An imbued air, a nomadic delight, seven islands for seven chakras; one destination- Mumbai. For some their muse, the rest, a ruse! A pearl in the bosom of the sea, this jewel of a city warrants spiritual contemplation at the mere sight of the paradox which Mumbai harbours. From the masses that throng the famous local trains, to the hush that blankets its quaint bylanes, it is no surprise that one is splashed by a tidal wave of primal desires that Mumbai elicits.

Continuing the bipolarity, and the people's appetite for it, Mumbai has displayed flawless character and integrity, which is evident from the illustrious personas who have resided in it. The Mahatma found solace in its idiosyncrasy while Jamshedji Tata chose to redefine it with the Taj. These stalwarts and their memories were immortalised when Mumbai and its people refused to bend to the will of nefariousness, time and again. The serenity from its spiritual enclaves as well as the thrill from its trade, Mumbai offers something in every walk of life. The innumerable temples and festivals representing India's culture and traditions constitute the soul of this city. Preaching pragmatism, Mumbai houses the oldest stock exchange in Asia and is residence to some of the richest personalities in the world.

From the unassuming vada pav to seven course gourmet meals, Mumbai has it all. Restaurants, clubs, theatres, cinemas, shacks and stalls; this city caters to every taste and pocket and sports a happy-go- lucky candour. Take a journey of meaning, of beauty and surrender yourself to this enigma that basks in culture, in technology, a blend of modern conception and Victorian sensibilities, the ambition of the few and the complacence of the many and rest in the culmination that the sun casts with its dusky hue on the city and its waters; in the Bay of Bombay!

Discover Mumbai, rediscover yourself...


Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management & Engineering (MPSTME) is an important addition to NMIMS's vision of 'Transcending Horizons'. MPSTME is a unique culmination o the University’s inherent versatility, in both Engineering and Management domains, which forges individuals into much needed techno-managers ready for today’s industry.

MPSTME has been ranked 7th in "Top Emerging Colleges of Excellence" in the country and 5th in the state of Maharashtra by the Competition Success Review." It offers four-year B.Tech programmes in six branches and five-year MBA (Tech) programmes in five branches, offering MCA and Ph.D Programmes alongside.

The MPSTME campus in Mumbai stands tall, symbolic of India's progress in the field of education. The modern state-of- the-art facilities such as Wi-Fi covered campus, an aesthetically designed building and technologically advanced classrooms and laboratories (including collaborative labs with Blackberry, Rexroth Bosch, etc.) ensure a comprehensive learning experience, provide a conducive atmosphere for teaching, learning & an all-round development of students. What is noteworthy is that besides academics, the college environment engages students’ co-curricular aptitude through a plethora of committees and societies to take part in.

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Shri Vile Parle Kelavani Mandal is a Public Charitable Trust registered under the Society’s Registration Act and Bombay Public Trust Act. From its humble beginnings in 1934, when it took over the Rashtriya Shala (a school established in 1921 in the wake of the National Movement), the Mandal today has grown into a big educational complex that imparts high-level education to more than 35,000 students.

Patriotic fervour, selfless service and a spirit of indigenous enterprise mark the ethos of the Mandal. These values permeate all the institutions set up by the Mandal and are the guiding principles for all of them.

From its beginning with the Swadeshi Movement, the Mandal has now grown into an educational foundation promoting global thinking consistent with national interest and promoting the values, professionalism, social sensitivity and dynamic entrepreneurship.

MUN Society

MUN Society of MPSTME has been the proud organisers of Mumbai MUN every year, with a dedicated Organising Committee of 100+ students who strive to perfection in all the activities undertaken by the Society. Branching into various distinct departments, the OC of MUN society are focused on honing the skill set expected of them, and also share a deep rooted commitment to the ideals of Mumbai MUN. Over the years, MUN Society MPSTME has been instrumental towards conducting IntraMUNs for college students in MPSTME and awareness programs on important International calendar dates like Women’s Day and UN Day. With Mumbai MUN 2018, the Society continues to grow and excel in all avenues of organising and management.

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